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 Subject :Introduction and Thanks.. 2013-04-08- 15:34:57 
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First of all, my thanks to Dave KM2O for championing this technology in the Albany area.  There are so many possibilities available for experimenting, public service, and EMCOMMS, and at a ham-friendly price.  Some of you may already have the equipment needed and others are into antenna building and repurposing non-traditional equipment, but if all else failed, getting into a great new aspect of the "hobby of a thousand hobbies" can be done for under $100.

I am VERY interested in HSMM-Mesh.  While in the Dallas area for a year and a half, I had the opportunity to hang out with the Dallas Area Wireless Group (DAWG) and attended the 2011 Plano Hamfest where HSMM-Mesh was featured.  I attended several of the DAWG meetings and got to meet Rusty Haddock KD4WLZ and Zip Moravec AE5IB, as well as some of the Austin group members.  I am a long-time Linux user and am comfortable accessing these devices at an advanced level as well as configuring services and other devices for use on the mesh.

I am anxious to connect with others in the area that would like to explore the possibilities of rolling-out mesh networks in our area.  With currently one flashed mesh node, my location really limits the possibility of using it locally in the foreseeable future, so I am open to making it available for demonstrations at other clubs in the area.  I would also be interested in being a member of a "Broadband User Group" if there is interest in creating such a beast.

Thank you for you interest!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

73 de Jeff KC2SDS

jjarchambeault at gmail dot com

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73 de Jeff KC2SDS
jjarchambeault at gmail dot com
 Subject :Re:Introduction and Thanks.. 2013-04-29- 11:17:26 
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Thanks Jeff!
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 Subject :Re:Introduction and Thanks.. 2015-09-12- 01:56:55 
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got mine up & running here talking to myself LOL also putting one in the rig so when I visit glennsfalls etc
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